Are Banks Open or Closed on Columbus Day? (2020)

With Columbus Day quickly approaching, you may be wondering if your bank is open or closed. Columbus Day, which honors Italian explorer Christopher Columbus, is a holiday recognized by the U.S. Federal Reserve System, so all banks in America are closed.

The one exception to this rule is TD Bank, which has branches open on three federal holidays: Columbus Day, Presidents Day, and Veterans Day. Every other major financial brand will be closed, including Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Chase, and Huntington Bank.

In many states and cities across America, the holiday’s name has been changed to Indigenous Peoples’ Day. This was done to celebrate the culture and history of Native Americans instead of only a single, controversial person. In a few areas, it is called Native American Day.

Columbus Day / Indigenous Peoples’ Day is always the second Monday in October. If you have banking tasks which require a bank teller on that Monday, it is a good idea to call ahead to check with your local branch, which will likely be closed.

A better option is to check the smaller branches located within some grocery stores or large supermarkets. These branches are often open for half-days when main standalone branches are closed. Again, call ahead so you do not waste a trip.

Alternatively, you can try to take care of your banking needs on Columbus Day through your bank’s website, mobile app, or at an ATM. Otherwise, you will have to wait until Tuesday.

With the chart below, you can view the Monday in October that Columbus Day is observed. For example, in the year 2020, Columbus Day takes place on Monday, October 12th. In 2021, Columbus Day occurs on Monday, October 11th.

Bank Holiday Calendar Date
Columbus Day 2015 Monday, October 12th, 2015
Columbus Day 2016 Monday, October 10th, 2016
Columbus Day 2017 Monday, October 9th, 2017
Columbus Day 2018 Monday, October 8th, 2018
Columbus Day 2019 Monday, October 14th, 2019
Columbus Day 2020 Monday, October 12th, 2020
Columbus Day 2021 Monday, October 11th, 2021
Columbus Day 2022 Monday, October 10th, 2022
Columbus Day 2023 Monday, October 9th, 2023
Columbus Day 2024 Monday, October 14th, 2024
Columbus Day 2025 Monday, October 13th, 2025
Columbus Day 2026 Monday, October 12th, 2026
Columbus Day 2027 Monday, October 11th, 2027
Columbus Day 2028 Monday, October 9th, 2028
Columbus Day 2029 Monday, October 8th, 2029
Columbus Day 2030 Monday, October 14th, 2030
Columbus Day 2031 Monday, October 13th, 2031
Columbus Day 2032 Monday, October 11th, 2032
Columbus Day 2033 Monday, October 10th, 2033
Columbus Day 2034 Monday, October 18th, 2034


It is worth noting that the stock market, including NYSE and NASDAQ, is open on Columbus Day.