Are Banks Open on Labor Day? (2019)

Are Banks Open on Labor Day? (2019)

Labor Day is celebrated on the first Monday in September. On this day, a federal holiday in the United States, we honor the contribution of workers to our society. Labor Day is similar to two holidays of other countries: May Day and International Workers’ Day. Unofficially, Labor Day is “the last day of summer” and time for stores to offer back-to-school sales.

In 2019, Labor Day falls on Monday, September 2nd. For 2020, Labor Day is on Monday, September 7th. If you get the day off work and forget to take care of your banking needs ahead of time, you may be hoping that your preferred bank has an open location.

However, banks and credit unions do follow the Federal Reserve holiday schedule and will be closed on Labor Day. Those that may be open are generally the ones in retail locations such as large supermarkets or Walmart.

The vast majority of stand alone bank locations will be closed so their employees can enjoy the holiday. You can expect some retail locations to be open, at least for shortened hours, and you can contact them directly to find out their hours.

TD Bank is one of the few financial institutions that has locations open during federal holidays. However, Labor Day is not one of them.

Even if you are unable to go to a bank on Labor Day, there are still plenty of functioning ATMs. Basic transactions can also be done through your bank’s website or mobile app. Also, most stores offer cash back when making a debit card purchase.

With some exceptions, banks are closed on Sunday, so you will have to complete any banking transactions requiring a teller by Saturday, August 31st, or wait until the day after Labor Day: Tuesday, September 3rd.

Some of the larger banks listed as closed on Labor Day (Sept 2nd, 2019) are as follows:

To verify your bank is closed on Labor Day, you can visit the link for your bank’s location page below. Most bank locations pages will show hours and contact details.  If the Labor Day hours for a particular branch is not available on the page, give them a phone call using the number provided.

Below is a list of 2019 holidays that, for the most part, coincide with banks in the U.S. being closed:

January 1st – New Year’s Day
January 21st – MLK Day
February 18th – Presidents Day
May 27th – Memorial Day
July 4th – Independence Day
September 2nd – Labor Day
October 14th – Columbus Day
November 11th – Veterans Day
November 28th – Thanksgiving Day
December 25th – Christmas Day