What Is My Wells Fargo Routing Number?

If you have a checking account with Wells Fargo then at some point you will need to know what your routing number is. This number is also sometimes referred to as the ABA number.

For example, you will be asked for both your routing and account number if you set up employee direct deposit or automatic bill pay. Both numbers will also be required when you order new checks and when you send or receive a wire transfer.

You may know your account number because it was sent to you in the mail when you first opened the account. As for your routing number, it is not always given to you as clearly and as upfront. You need to know where to look for it.

Fortunately, it is very easy to find your routing number for Wells Fargo.

All you need to do is grab the checkbook associated with your checking account and look at the bottom of one of the checks. You should see two or three sets of numbers displayed horizontally along the bottom. The first set of numbers on the bottom left of the check is your routing number. It should be 9 digits long.

Image that shows where the Routing Number is located on a check
Where the Routing Number is located on a check.

If for some reason you can’t find your checkbook, and want to know your routing number, you can simply view the following list. The Wells Fargo routing number list is sorted alphabetically by location. The location column refers to the place where you opened the account, not where you currently reside.

Wells Fargo Location Wells Fargo Routing Number
Alabama 062000080
Alaska 125200057
American Samoa 121042882
Arizona 122105278
Arkansas 111900659
California 121042882
Colorado 102000076
Connecticut 021101108
Delaware 031100869
District of Columbia 054001220
Florida 063107513
Georgia 061000227
Hawaii 121042882
Idaho 124103799
Illinois 071101307
Indiana 074900275
Iowa 073000228
Kansas 101089292
Kentucky 121042882
Louisiana 121042882
Maine 121042882
Maryland 055003201
Massachusetts 121042882
Michigan 091101455
Minnesota 091000019
Mississippi 062203751
Missouri 121042882
Montana 092905278
Nebraska 104000058
Nevada 321270742
New Hampshire 121042882
New Jersey 021200025
New Mexico 107002192
New York 026012881
North Carolina 053000219
North Dakota 091300010
North Mariana Islands 121042882
Ohio 041215537
Oklahoma 121042882
Oregon 123006800
Pennsylvania 031000503
Puerto Rico 121042882
Rhode Island 121042882
South Carolina 053207766
South Dakota 091400046
Tennessee 064003768
Texas 111900659
Texas (El Paso) 112000066
Utah 124002971
Vermont 121042882
Virgin Islands 121042882
Virginia 051400549
Washington 125008547
West Virginia 121042882
Wisconsin 075911988
Wyoming 102301092
Overseas Military 121042882


Most banks have only one routing number, so you might think all routing numbers for Wells Fargo are the same. However, that’s not the case. They are separated by state and sometimes region. For instance, the routing number of accounts in California is 121042882 while the number for accounts in Virginia is 051400549. But for Texas, if you opened the account in the El Paso area your routing number (112000066) will be different from account holder in the rest of the Texas (111900659).

In addition to the above list, you also have the option of visiting your local Wells Fargo bank branch and asking a teller to give you the routing number. You can also visit Wells Fargo’s website online at wellsfargo.com. Another method is to search for your routing number using the Federal Reserve Fedwire Participant Search.

If you prefer using your phone, you can call your branch’s phone number or request the routing number from a representative by calling Wells Fargo’s toll-free customer support at 1-800-869-3557.

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