Are Banks Open on Martin Luther King Day?

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Are Banks Open on Martin Luther King Day?

In January of each year, the United States celebrates Martin Luther King Jr. Day on the month’s third Monday. MLK, of course, is best known for courageously leading the fight for racial equality during the civil rights movement in the United States. Due to his invaluable contributions toward this effort, his legacy in America endures.

When Americans celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day, they are not just celebrating his birthday. They are celebrating his legacy and how he helped make civil rights a reality in America. In 1983, Martin Luther King Jr. Day became an official federal holiday. Over the last 35 years since then, America has celebrated this holiday by helping others and serving their communities.

There is no requirement for banks to close their doors on any federal holiday. However, most banks will typically stay closed on Martin Luther King Jr. Day. But there are some banks that stay open on this holiday.

With the chart below, you can view the Monday in January that MLK Day is observed. For example, in the year 2019, the holiday’s date is Monday, January 21st.

Date Years
Jan 21st 2019 2030 2036 2041 2047
Jan 20th 2020 2025 2031 2042 2048
Jan 19th 2026 2032 2037 2043
Jan 18th 2021 2027 2038 2044 2049
Jan 17th 2022 2028 2033 2039 2050
Jan 16th 2023 2034 2040 2045 2051
Jan 15th 2024 2029 2035 2046 2052


Which Banks Are Open on Martin Luther King Day?

Big banks tend to observe Martin Luther King Jr. Day and will be closed. It is the credit unions and smaller community banks which may stay open on MLK Day.

Also, if bank branches are located inside supermarkets and grocery stores, those banks might be open too.

The best way to know if your bank is open on Martin Luther King Jr. Day is to call them on the phone and ask. You can also visit your local branch online and check their hours as well.

Here are three branches which have limited availability on Martin Luther King Jr. Day:

PNC Bank has branches in some Giant, Kroger, and Giant Eagle stores that might stay open for a limited number of hours on Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Regular standalone branches of PNC Bank will be closed.

Huntington Bank has branch offices inside select grocery stores like Meijer and Giant Eagle. These branches are open on MLK Day for a limited number of hours. As for the main branches, they stay closed.

Fifth Third Bank has branches in some Kroger and Jungle Jim’s stores that might stay open. You will need to contact the local branches of the bank to find out more information.


Which Banks Are Closed on Martin Luther King Day?

Most banks in the United States, large and small, are closed on Martin Luther King Jr. Day and on all other federal holidays. This means you won’t find any open branches of major banks like Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Citibank, Chase, BB&T, Regions, and so on.

The good news is that you can still perform most of your banking activities without even needing an open branch.

For instance, you can deposit checks and manage your bank accounts on the internet or by going to your local branch’s ATM. If you need to call customer service, your bank will likely have a 1-800 number that is available 24/7, even on holidays. But if you have a serious banking issue that you need to address inside the branch, then make sure to plan ahead so that you can take care of it before the MLK holiday.