Do Banks Sell Stamps?

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Once upon a time, not too long ago, visiting a bank was like a mini-field trip. You’d step into this grand building, with its marble floors and teller counters, and you could do a myriad of tasks – withdraw money, … Continued

What is Bank Jugging?

Definition of Bank Jugging: Bank jugging refers to a criminal practice where thieves target individuals who have just left a bank or an ATM, in the hope that they are carrying cash. These criminals, often known as “juggers,” discreetly observe … Continued

2023 Citibank Holidays

This article has been updated for the 2024 holidays here: 2023 Citibank Holiday Schedule Sunday, January 1st, 2023 – New Year’s Day New Year’s Day 2023 is a Sunday and Citibank will observe the holiday on Monday, Jan 2nd, … Continued