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What Is My PNC Routing Number?

PNC Bank has thousands of branches throughout the United States, making it one of the top 5 largest US banks. If you have a checking account with PNC Bank, then at some point you will need to know what your routing number is. This number is also sometimes referred to as the ABA number.

For example, you will be asked for both your routing and account number if you set up employee direct deposit or automatic bill pay. Both numbers will also be required when you order new checks and when you send or receive a domestic wire transfer.

You may know your PNC account number because it was sent to you in the mail when you first opened the account. As for your routing number, it is not always given to you as clearly and as upfront. You need to know where to look for it.

Fortunately, it is very easy to find your routing number for PNC.


PNC Routing Number List

The PNC Bank routing number list below is sorted alphabetically by location.

PNC Location PNC Routing Number
Alabama 043000096
Delaware 031100089
District of Columbia 054000030
Florida 043002900 / 267084199
Georgia 053100850 / 061192630
Illinois 071921891
Indiana 043000096
Kentucky 083000108
Kentucky (Northern) 042100188
Maryland 054000030
Michigan 041000124
Missouri 071921891
New Hampshire
New Jersey 031207607
New Mexico
New York
North Carolina 043000096
North Dakota
Ohio 042000398 / 041000124
Ohio (Youngstown) 043000096
Pennsylvania (Central, North) 043000096
Pennsylvania (Central, South) 031312738
Pennsylvania (Northeast) 031300012
Pennsylvania (Northwest) 043300738
Pennsylvania (Philadelphia) 031000053
Pennsylvania (Pittsburgh) 043000096
Rhode Island
South Carolina 053100850
South Dakota
Virginia 054000030
West Virginia 271971560
Wisconsin 071921891


Most banks have only one routing number, however that is not the case for PNC. The routing numbers for PNC are separated by state and region. For instance, the routing number of accounts in North Carolina is 043000096 while the number for accounts in Delaware is 031100089. But for Pennsylvania, your routing number will depend on where the branch is located within the state.

Make sure to double check that you have the correct routing number before initiating a transaction.


Examine a Check

As an alternative, you can get the checkbook associated with your checking account and look at the bottom of one of the checks. You should see two or three sets of numbers displayed horizontally along the bottom. The first set of numbers on the bottom left of the check is your routing number. It should be 9 digits long. The second set of numbers is your account number.


Visit a Branch

You also have the option of visiting a PNC branch and asking a teller to give you your routing number. You will need to provide them with your account number or debit card. Find a branch near you by using the official PNC locator at:


Call Support

If you prefer using your phone, you can call your local branch’s phone number or request the routing number from a representative by calling PNC’s toll-free customer support. For personal accounts, that number is 1-888-762-2265 and for business accounts it is 1-877-287-2654. You can confirm these numbers and find other ways to contact PNC on their official customer support page at:


International Wire Transfers

For receiving international transfers, PNC’s SWIFT code is PNCCUS33.


Mailing Address

When sending wires you will need PNC’s mailing address, which is the following:
PNC Bank
One PNC Plaza
249 Fifth Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA, 15222


BBVA Routing Numbers (now PNC)

PNC finalized its acquisition of BBVA USA (formerly Compass Bank) and converted all accounts over. For those routing numbers, view this routing number list for BBVA.

BBVA Location BBVA Routing Number
Alabama 062001186
Alaska 062001186
Arizona 122105744
Arkansas 062001186
California 321170538
Colorado 107005319
Connecticut 062001186
Delaware 062001186
District of Columbia 062001186
Florida 063013924
Georgia 062001186
Hawaii 062001186
Idaho 062001186
Illinois 062001186
Indiana 062001186
Iowa 062001186
Kansas 062001186
Kentucky 062001186
Louisiana 062001186
Maine 062001186
Maryland 062001186
Massachusetts 062001186
Michigan 062001186
Minnesota 062001186
Mississippi 062001186
Missouri 062001186
Montana 062001186
Nebraska 062001186
Nevada 062001186
New Hampshire 062001186
New Jersey 062001186
New Mexico 107000783
New York 062001186
North Carolina 062001186
North Dakota 062001186
Ohio 062001186
Oklahoma 062001186
Oregon 062001186
Pennsylvania 062001186
Rhode Island 062001186
South Carolina 062001186
South Dakota 062001186
Tennessee 062001186
Texas 113010547
Utah 062001186
Vermont 062001186
Virginia 062001186
Washington 062001186
West Virginia 062001186
Wisconsin 062001186
Wyoming 062001186


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