What Is My Bank Account Number?

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There are many reasons you might need to know your savings or checking account number. You may need it to fill out a wire transfer request form, when initiating an ACH transfer online from another bank, or when talking to your bank’s customer support over the phone.


How to Find Your Bank Account Number

The vast majority of people do not memorize their bank account number. Fortunately, there are many different ways to find this number.

Whether you prefer to talk with someone at the bank, look for paperwork, or go online, there is a method for you to use.

If you decide to write down your account number after figuring it out, be sure to keep it in a safe place.


1. Look at the bottom of a check.

The first set of numbers printed in the bottom-left of a check is the bank’s routing number. The second set of numbers is your account number. The third, shorter set of numbers is the check number. You can see an example check with the location of these three numbers in the image above this article.


2. Check your bank statement.

Your account number will be on your monthly statement, whether it is a paper copy that was mailed to you or an electronic copy you can view online. It could be emailed to you or accessed through your bank website. It should be clearly labeled as your account number and is generally located near the top of the page on either side.


3. Use the bank website or mobile app.

If you remember the username and password for your bank’s website, then you can login and retrieve your account number that way. You can also use the bank’s app on your smartphone or tablet. Viewing the account summary should provide you with the information you are seeking. However, you may need to hunt around until you find where your bank displays it. This may not be an option for some people, as many banks do not show account numbers online for security reasons.


4. Contact your bank.

You can go to your bank in-person or call customer support. To find the phone number, you can search online or call the phone number listed on your debit/credit card (if your credit card is with the same bank as your account). When calling, you will probably need to give some personal information to verify your identity: possibilities are your name, address, social security number, birthday, or an answer to a special security question you chose when opening the account. They should then be able to provide you with your account number.