How to Check My Gift Card Site Balance

Prepaid Visa and MasterCard gift cards have so many benefits. They make a great gift because they are easy to send to someone through the mail without the same risk of loss you might face if you sent cash. They can be used to shop in brick-and-mortar shops or they can be used to shop online merchants. They can even be purchased for your own personal use if you do not wish to use cash. Best of all, they can be used wherever Visa and MasterCard are accepted.

When you purchase a prepaid gift card from mygiftcardsite or receive one as a gift, it is best to register your card so that you will be able to track your purchases and check the balance. Here is what you need to know to register and use your mygiftcardsite Visa or MasterCard prepaid gift card.


What to Know About Your Gift Card

Your gift card has several features that you should know about before using it. Knowing these things about your gift card will make sure you get the most out of your gift card without losing your money. It will also make sure you are not embarrassed when you get to the checkout line and find that you cannot use your card because you have somehow mishandled it.

  • Good news! Your card is accepted! Your Visa and MasterCard prepaid gift cards are accepted at millions of locations across the United States. Use them wherever Visa and MasterCard are accepted.
  • Your card has a set value. Your card has a fixed value that you determine at the time you purchase it. This makes it a great way to avoid the overdraft fees you might experience when using a debit card, because with a gift card you cannot go over your limit.
  • When you make a purchase, that purchase amount is deducted from the gift card’s available balance.
  • Your card cannot be reloaded. You can use your card until the available balance is used up or until the card expires.
  • Your card has an expiration date. Make sure you know what it is so that you can get all of your money before the card expires. Also, make sure you know the expiration date to avoid embarrassment when you reach checkout.


How to Use Your Card

Using your card could not be simpler. Make sure you know your card’s PIN before going into the store as some merchants may require this. At the time of purchase you just swipe your card at the checkout and the purchase amount is deducted from your available balance. When you check your balance online, you should see not only the purchase, but the remaining balance on your card.


How to Check the Balance

Once your mygiftcardsite card is registered you can check your balance by going online or by calling the card’s 24-hour customer service number. It is easy and fast.

Checking your balance online is as simple as going to the card’s website and entering its information. You will, of course, need the card’s number and security code to get started.

  • With your card in hand, go to the website.
  • At the prompt, enter the card’s information and the captcha code.
  • Input the card number and the 3 digit security code which is shown on the back of the card.
  • Your card’s balance and account information will appear on the resulting page.
  • If you are having issues and not able to login, you can call their tollfree number 1-866-952-5653

Prepaid Visa and MasterCard gift cards are a convenient way to give someone a gift or can even be purchased for your own personal use. Using prepaid gift cards is as simple as using a debit or credit card. Best of all, when you register your card online, you can check your card’s balance either by going online or by calling the convenient 24-hour customer service number.

  1. rosemarie a quinn

    I tried to us my Walmart visa debit gift card at Walmart, they tried to swipe it twice, but i t didn’t work. So, I wentonline to register it and check the balance and it said it was deprecated. What does that mean? I certainly was not able to use the card at Walmart. I would appreciate this problem being solved.

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