Your 1970 Quarters Could Be Worth Over $30,000 Each

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How often do you inspect your loose change for old coins? Most people are aware that a coin hundreds of years old is worth more than face value, but there are quarters from 1970 that are can be sold for much, much more than $.25.

An eBay listing for a rare 1970 quarter shows that it was sold for $35,000. This might seem insane to many, but nearly 1,400 people were actually tracking the listing before it ended, and over a dozen people inquired about purchasing it.

Let this be a notice to everyone to snoop through your loose change from time to time to look for valuable treasures you could be giving away for a fraction of their actual value.



For this particular quarter sold on eBay, it was part of a group of coins that were part of a “proof error”, which are extremely valuable to coin collectors.

The 1970-S proof coin is worth so much to collectors because it is part of a small group of quarters that were struck over a 1941 Canadian quarter.

In the proof error coins, the old 1941 from the Canadian coin can still be faintly seen on the backside of the quarter, just above the word “dollar.”


These coins are valuable because of their rarity, so it is unlikely to find them in your jar of loose change. But keep in mind that it is certainly possible.  Finding a quarter like this could provide a year’s worth of income for many people.

Knowing some of the rare coins that collectors are willing to purchase can be a great way to make extra money with the minimal effort of looking at some details of your coins before putting them in the change jar.