The Best Post-Holiday Banking App Promos and Bonuses: Google Pay, PayPal, Yotta, and Square Cash.

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Even though Black Friday and Cyber Monday have passed, the holiday shopping season isn’t quite over yet. There are still some great deals to be had in personal finance before we say goodbye to 2020 and ring in the new year.


The first, and probably the most fun bonus, is for the new bank app called Yotta Savings. Instead of paying interest on your savings, a Yotta account gives you a number of tickets based on how big your balance is. These tickets enter you into weekly drawings for large sums of cash. It’s fun and better than the near-zero interest rate you get from most savings accounts these days.

Yotta Bonus: Use code 100FREETIX and get 100 free tickets into the next Yotta Savings drawing. It’s FDIC insured, just like Chase, Wells Fargo, or any other traditional bank.


PayPal is offering two nice promos that are still valid even post-holidays.

PayPal $5 App Bonus: Download and log into the PayPal app from either the Google Play or Apple App Store and get an easy $5 bonus. The $5 cash will be deposited into your PayPal account.

PayPal $25 Holiday Promo: Make three $35+ purchases at Walmart, Doordash, Ulta Beauty, GAP, Banana Republic, Old Navy, or Athleta to earn this $25 bonus. You can even buy gift cards to use at a later date.


Next up is Google Pay, which is Google’s foray into mobile payments. It was formally known as Android Pay and Google Wallet.

Google Pay $21 Promo: Download the app with this link and earn $21 after your first $10 payment. You can also earn $21 for each friend you refer to the service. New users only for this deal.

Google Pay + Target $21 Bonus: Using your new Google Pay app, spend at least $50 at Target and get $21 cashback.


Lastly, is a bonus for the Square Cash App. Cash App lets you send money to friends, invest in stocks and Bitcoin, and get “Cash Boost” discounts. They also provide a free customizable Visa Debit Card.

Cash App $5 Bonus: Try out Cash App using this link or code TGMFXRF and get $5 bonus for free after you spend $5. You can also get $15 for each friend you refer.

$22.50 in Free Bitcoin: Use Cash App to make a purchase and get up to $7.50 cashback in Bitcoin. Repeat a max of 3 times to get a total of $22.50 in Bitcoin.