List of Food Delivery Promo Codes During the Coronavirus Lockdown

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List of Food Delivery Promo Codes During the Coronavirus Lockdown


Are you doing your part to slow the spread of the coronavirus by staying at home? Are you avoiding dine-in restaurants and grocery stores? If so, you should be cooking for your household more often and occasionally ordering food delivery during the lockdown.

Delivery comes at a cost and can quickly drain your bank account. To save money on these deliveries, use the below promo codes. With these codes, your mileage may vary. Some coupon codes are only for new customers and other codes only work in specific locations. If one doesn’t work, move on to the next.

The first set of promo codes on this list are for restaurant delivery services: UberEats, GrubHub, Postmates, and Caviar. These companies offer prepared food that is ready to eat.

For the second set of codes, we have ingredient and recipe delivery services: Blue Apron, HelloFresh, and Thistle. You will need to cook the fresh food that is delivered to your door by these meal preparation businesses.



  • California $25 off: CATOGETHER
  • Connecticut $25 off: CTTOGETHER
  • Florida $25 off: FLTOGETHER
  • Georgia $25 off: GATOGETHER
  • Illinois $25 off: ILTOGETHER
  • Kansas $25 off: KSTOGETHER
  • Kentucky $25 off: KYTOGETHER
  • Massachusetts $25 off: MATOGETHER
  • Missouri $25 off: MOTOGETHER
  • New Jersey $25 off: NJTOGETHER
  • New York $25 off: NYTOGETHER
  • New Jersey 25% off first two deliveries: NJDRINKS
  • New York $5 off take out orders: NOLINENOFEE
  • Ohio $25 off: OHTOGETHER
  • Texas $25 off: TXTOGETHER
  • Washington $25 off: WATOGETHER
  • $7 off your first order: EATS-EMOT5
  • $10 off order of $20 or more: TACONOW
  • 50% off your next three orders: MEALTIME50X3
  • 25% off ($15 max) your next three orders: EATSFORLIFE
  • 2 weeks of $0 delivery fees: HUNGRY1



  • 25% off first order of 15% or more: AFF25
  • $7 off one delivery: BUI7
  • $7 off your first order of $12 or more: AFF7
  • $5 off your first order of $10 or more: AFF5
  • $0 delivery fee: HELLODELIVERY
  • $0 delivery fee on first Burger King order: KINGFREE
  • $0 delivery fee on first Chuck E Cheese order: CHUCKEFREE
  • $0 delivery fee on first Denny’s order: DENNYSFREE
  • $0 delivery fee on first McDonald’s order: MCDFREE
  • $0 delivery fee on first Red Lobster order: FREELOBSTER
  • $0 delivery fee on first Subway order: SUBFREE



  • $100 credit for new customers: KFKY
  • 50% off your next order: FOODPLS
  • $5 off your first five orders: CNN5OFF
  • $5 off your first five orders: SLICK5
  • $5 off five orders: NKCRU
  • $0 delivery fee: EAT20
  • $0 delivery fee on three Chipotle orders: CHIPOTLEME
  • $0 delivery fee on Carl’s Jr order: CARLSJRNOW


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