How to Get Card Balance for Vanilla Mastercard

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Vanilla Mastercard Gift Cards are prepaid gift cards that are accepted at millions of locations across the U.S. They can be used anywhere credit or debit cards are accepted in the U.S. These great cards make excellent gifts, and can even be used for online purchases for those who have trouble getting a credit card, or for those who prefer not to carry cash.

It is good to know your balance so you are sure to have enough on your card for your purchases, but it is OK if you don’t. As long as you know the card balance, you can use a second form of payment. Getcardbalance makes it easy to check your balance with only the information on the card. This information from Getcardbalance will save you any embarrassment from holding up the line at the store while you pull up the website on your phone to check.


Features of Vanilla Mastercard Gift Cards

Your gift card has important features to be aware of so you can get the most out of your card.

  • Vanilla Gift Cards can be used wherever Debit Mastercard or Mastercard Credit Cards are accepted in the U.S. and District of Columbia.
  • There is no activation period, so the card can be used immediately after purchase.
  • There are no fees after the initial purchase.
  • There is no credit check.
  • No personal information is required.
  • The card is easy to use and secure.
  • The funds do not expire, so you can use them whenever it is convenient for you.


How to Use Your Vanilla Gift Card

Using your card is simple. Be sure to know your balance in case your purchase amount is more than the amount you have on the card and you need a second form of payment. You just swipe or insert the card the same as any debit or credit card. The purchase amount will be deducted from the available balance. Some retailers will require a zip code as a security check. You can register a zip code for your card online on the “Assign ZIP Code” page. Your personal information is not required.

When you are using your card, you may be asked if it is a debit or credit. You can choose credit and continue, or you can choose debit and enter a PIN. To do this, you will first need to assign a PIN on the “Manage PIN” page on the website.

When making an online purchase, none of your personal information will be registered for the card, so you can use your mailing address for the billing address.


How To Check Your Card Balance

Checking your Vanilla gift card balance with Getcardbalance is simple! Just go to the website and enter the card number, expiration date, and CCV (the 3 digit security number on back of the card).

Your card balance will then be displayed for you.

Vanilla Mastercard gift cards are an excellent way to spend money. Just remember to know your balance before you get to the checkout line.